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Ana’s Brazil: Estudio Manus

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Caio de Medeiros and Daniela Scorza of São Paulo’s Estudio Manus, use their creativity and experience in fine art, design, interiors and architecture, applying them to a range of new ideas and products. The combination of this broad approach allows for new and unique results.  Finding inspiration from across the globe, while always on the lookout for new and unusual materials, Estudio Manus works with the handcrafted and the handmade; ultimately revealing something new. … more

Ana’s Brazil: FUNÇÃO {[(IN)]} funcional

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Rodrigo Almeida

Seeking to provide a space exclusively dedicated to contemporary design, the Baró Art Gallery and Coletivo Amor de Madre store, joined together in creating the Art&Design Gallery Baró+Coletivo Amor de Madre, the first gallery specializing in design in Brazil.

This new space offers a dialogue between art and contemporary design in Brazil.  Placing these two elements side by side allows for a discussion of the similarities and differences between the two.

… more

Our First Facebook app! Bartcelona

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Bartcelona Facebook App from BaseMOTION on Vimeo.

Designed and produced for Bartcelona, we’re happy to premier our first Facebook app.
See the video above, or better yet, go to Facebook and check it out for yourself

Interview avec Gilles Assor, Directeur Commercial de Little Marc Jacobs, pt.2

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Arrivé à New York en avril 2010, Gilles Assor a choisi de poursuivre le développement de la marque Little Marc Jacobs depuis le territoire américain. Il a notamment créé un show room enfant spécifique dans downtown, qui réunit Little Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith Junior et Junior Gaultier. … more

BaseLab develops AdiNeue typeface for Adidas

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AdiNeue Typeface for All In campaign by Sid Lee

Designed with creative agency Sid Lee, AdiNeue has immediately become the iconic typeface of Adidas, gracing all product literature, advertisements and corporate publications.

… more

Ana’s Brazil: SP-Arte 2011

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Mariana Tassinari – Mendes Woods Gallery

São Paulo will host the seventh edition of the SP-Arte, the largest international art fair in Brazil (and the most important in Latin America). There will be 89 exhibiting galleries from eight Brazilian states, as well as seven from other participating countries. Besides the 2500+ works on view, the Ibirapuera Park Biennial Pavilion will include installations … more

BaseDesign, ponente del “Back to mine” 2011

Según los organizadores, la idea central del evento es la vuelta a los orígenes, el camino hacia el interior de uno mismo.  Los invitados a dar las ponencias, entre los que estará David Cano representándonos,  presentarán sus inquietudes, su recorrido, cuál fue el proyecto que les catapultó. En definitiva, la esencia de su trayectoria.

… more

Signage Testing at the New Children’s Museum of the Arts

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Marquee signage test using printed paper roll at full size. Base's Arno Baudin appearing proudly next to the lift that was used to put the test in place.

Fierce winds made for a difficult day of signage testing at the new Children’s Museum of the Arts last Thursday. Nonetheless, we–we being Base, Work Architecture Company, … more

Interview avec Gilles Assor, Directeur Commercial de Little Marc Jacobs, pt.1

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Juriste de formation, Gilles Assor évolue dans la mode depuis 15 ans. Dès 2005, il occupe le poste de directeur commercial monde pour Little Marc Jacobs, une des licences du groupe Zannier, 1ère société dans l’univers de l’enfant. Il vit à New York depuis avril 2010 d’où il continue à développer la marque. … more

Base Brussels is looking for a Freelance Designer immediately: spread the word!

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Base Brussels is  seeking a Freelance Designer immediately!

If interested, please send a CV to Sander VERMEULEN at


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