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Base Identity for Children’s Museum of the Arts Continues to Pervade City

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Children's Museum of the Arts "Free Art" Outpost on Governor's Island

As seen today on Governor’s Island.

For more information on our work with the Children’s Museum of the Arts, click here.

Interview with Restaurateur Dario Wolos, pt.1

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Dario Wolos working the Combi

Dario Wolos, the mind and energy behind the “taco stand,” Tacombi, exudes positive energy. Yea, that may sound new agey. And yet from the moment you meet him or step foot in his restaurant, it hits you like V leader Anna’s bliss. As such, Tacombi, which offers up Mexican fare, specially brewed beer, and unique sodas, has become a pillar in the Nolita community.  On a rainy afternoon, we sat down with Dario to talk about his journey of creating Tacombi. … more

Ana’s Brazil: Toile do Brasil

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Toile du Jouy is one of the most classic fabric patterns ever made. Toile means “fabric” (or “screen”) in French and Jouy is a small town in the French countryside where the first printing of the fabric was produced. It was so popular that the city’s name became synonymous with the pattern. They are always printed on cotton or linen and in monochromatic colors such as blues, reds and greens. Originally, drawings depicted country scenes, bucolic farms, farmers and their animals, and floral or historical scenes.

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BaseLab in Creative Review for Adidas typeface

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As featured in our Baselab develops AdiNeue typeface for Adidas, Base has designed the corporate typeface for Adidas. We are pleased that it is featured in this month’s Creative Review.

Venice Biennale’s catalogue exclusive preview!

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… more

New campaign for the “Théâtre National” designed by Base in Brussels streets

For its new season The Théâtre National is making you promises. «All our shows are in 3D», really?

… more

Exclusive preview of Erwin Wurm’s book !

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Base is thrilled to present you the cover of Erwin Wurm’s forthcoming book. Base designed «Wear Me Out» in collaboration with the German art book publisher Hatje Cantz.

… more

Base’s banners for “La Monnaie,” now around town!

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New banners for the 2011-2012 season for the Brussels’ Opera based on Arthur Rimbaud’s quote «Je est un autre».

… more

Jeff Wall book “The Crooked Path” designed by Base

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… more

We Win! 2011 CASE Communication Award

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We’re happy to shout it from New York to Brussels, Barcelona to Santiago, and back again to Madrid.

Base has won the 2011 CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Campaign and Fundraising Award for our work with Wellesley College’s  highly successful (and now award winning) Count Me In campaign.

For the real deal check out the awards here!


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Proef Restaurant – Food Design

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L’Arco Baleno : Geoff’s Top 12 Items!

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A Quiff, A Temperamental Thing

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I Like To Find The Humour In Things

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 2

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 1

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Moving Images

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Is Your Business Using A CRM?…You Might Want To.

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Michelangelo Antonioni : le maître du cinéma contemporain !

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Base NYC Visits The Jack Shainman Gallery for Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge: Black Males