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Venice Biennale’s catalogue exclusive preview!

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New campaign for the “Théâtre National” designed by Base in Brussels streets

For its new season The Théâtre National is making you promises. «All our shows are in 3D», really?

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Exclusive preview of Erwin Wurm’s book !

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Base is thrilled to present you the cover of Erwin Wurm’s forthcoming book. Base designed «Wear Me Out» in collaboration with the German art book publisher Hatje Cantz.

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Base’s banners for “La Monnaie,” now around town!

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New banners for the 2011-2012 season for the Brussels’ Opera based on Arthur Rimbaud’s quote «Je est un autre».

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Jeff Wall book “The Crooked Path” designed by Base

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We Win! 2011 CASE Communication Award

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We’re happy to shout it from New York to Brussels, Barcelona to Santiago, and back again to Madrid.

Base has won the 2011 CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Campaign and Fundraising Award for our work with Wellesley College’s  highly successful (and now award winning) Count Me In campaign.

For the real deal check out the awards here!

Ana’s Brazil: Estudio Manus

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Caio de Medeiros and Daniela Scorza of São Paulo’s Estudio Manus, use their creativity and experience in fine art, design, interiors and architecture, applying them to a range of new ideas and products. The combination of this broad approach allows for new and unique results.  Finding inspiration from across the globe, while always on the lookout for new and unusual materials, Estudio Manus works with the handcrafted and the handmade; ultimately revealing something new. … more

Ana’s Brazil: FUNÇÃO {[(IN)]} funcional

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Rodrigo Almeida

Seeking to provide a space exclusively dedicated to contemporary design, the Baró Art Gallery and Coletivo Amor de Madre store, joined together in creating the Art&Design Gallery Baró+Coletivo Amor de Madre, the first gallery specializing in design in Brazil.

This new space offers a dialogue between art and contemporary design in Brazil.  Placing these two elements side by side allows for a discussion of the similarities and differences between the two.

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Our First Facebook app! Bartcelona

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Bartcelona Facebook App from BaseMOTION on Vimeo.

Designed and produced for Bartcelona, we’re happy to premier our first Facebook app.
See the video above, or better yet, go to Facebook and check it out for yourself

Interview avec Gilles Assor, Directeur Commercial de Little Marc Jacobs, pt.2

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Arrivé à New York en avril 2010, Gilles Assor a choisi de poursuivre le développement de la marque Little Marc Jacobs depuis le territoire américain. Il a notamment créé un show room enfant spécifique dans downtown, qui réunit Little Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith Junior et Junior Gaultier. … more


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Proef Restaurant – Food Design

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L’Arco Baleno : Geoff’s Top 12 Items!

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A Quiff, A Temperamental Thing

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I Like To Find The Humour In Things

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 2

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 1

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Moving Images

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Is Your Business Using A CRM?…You Might Want To.

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Michelangelo Antonioni : le maître du cinéma contemporain !

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Base NYC Visits The Jack Shainman Gallery for Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge: Black Males