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Haus der Kunst Chooses Base Design To Develop A New Visual Identity

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Haus der Kunst is pleased to announce the selection of BASE DESIGN to develop a new Visual Identity for the museum. The comprehensive proposal for a completely redesigned visual identity system presented by BASE DESIGN, which has offices in Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, and Santiago de Chile, was selected after an international search in which six design agencies from five different countries participated. The jury comprised of members of the Haus der Kunst staff, and the board of the museum.

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Base’s Packaging Expertise Featured

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Ana’s Brazil: Adriana Barra Fabrics

Adriana Barra, known in the fashion world for her colorful and printed clothes, just launched a brand of decoration fabrics, named Tea, See … Do! The first collection, which has ten exclusive prints (each with four color variants), follows the same joyful and feminine spirit of the designer, reflected by the numerous flowers. The fabrics are on sale only in the São Paulo store, the showroom is on the second floor, with access to a cutting table and a great display. All are ready to go, just cut and carry!

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Interviewing Jorge Gerada in “Identidad Compuesta”

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Jorge Rodríguez Gerada….un artista del mundo, con una técnica diferente, arriesgada y con una meta.

1. Con la técnica que utilizas ¿alguna marca te ha pedido que hagas publicidad para ellos?

Sí, me han llamado de la firma Nike y otras desde Francia, Países Bajos, Nueva York, San Francisco… Lo que les digo es que le hechen un vistazo a mi página web para que puedan entender de donde proviene mi idea y cuál es mi forma de trabajo. En conclusión: siempre lo he rechazado.

2. ¿Cómo te sientes a la hora de observar como tus piezas desaparecen?

Eso forma parte de un proceso, y es la idea principal, se trata de un proceso: creación- destrucción- memoria.

3. ¿Cuánto tardas en producir una obra?

Depende mucho de las condiciones, el tamaño y la textura. Puedo tardar de 3 días a 2 semanas. Recuerdo, que mi mayor reto fue trabajar ante una pared de 400m2 a doble cara con unas condiciones meteorológicas nefastas.

4. El arte de pintar en la pared no solo no está bien visto, sino que está categorizado como a un arte ilegal. ¿Como te ha perjudicado eso?

Evidentemente soy consciente de que es una arte ilegal, y sí, he sido arrestado, pero supongo que es a lo que me exponía. Ahora ya todo ha cambiado. Mi obra está bien vista. (hahaha)

5. ¿Te gusta combinar distintas técnicas o bien pasas etapas?

La verdad es que utilizo estas técnicas paralelamente. Es una cosa del momento. Todos mis proyectos son ambiciosos y supongo que todo depende del presupuesto y la motivación de realizar un trabajo u otro.


Base was invited to Piramidón’s paella

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Once a week, Piramidón (Art gallery) organizes a networking lunch meeting. Artists and people of different fields meet up and share their experiences.

Broad.cat “Beyond the screen”

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In it’s seventh edition, Broad.cat International 2011 brought us lectures by some of the finest professionals in audiovisual design who shared their ideas and vision for the industry. The event was a meeting place for professionals to get a real feel for the market and spot its brightest future trends;a place where creators could connect and fresh new talent was discovered.

Speakers included Marc Tamschick, CEO and Creative Director of MEDIA+SPACE TAMSCHICK, Pekka Ollula, Head of Social Media at Blind Spot Pictures for the movie Iron SkySimón Lee, content director for Digital Legends,Trish Sie director and choreographer of the OK GO music videos; and Federico Gaggio, VP and Executive Creative Director of Discovery Networks Western Europe.

One of the most memorable moments of this year’s edition was the on screen appearance of Pablo Ferro, live from Los Angeles.

From the unforgettable opening of Stanley Kubrik’s Dr. Strangelove to the revolutionary split- screen montage of hte original The Thomas Crown Affair, the Cuban-born fimmaker Pablo Ferro has been putting his indelible stamp on the moving image for over four decades and has become a key influence on cinema. Pablo’s titles and montage sequences have appeared in 12 Academy Award winning films and he is currently creating a children’s book, a graphic novel and owrking on the animation for his own documentary, slated for a 2012 release.

Pablo Ferro Conference at Broad.cat 2011 from BaseMOTION on Vimeo.

Base didn’t miss the event…

Work in Progress!

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Base Design is currently working on the graphic pieces and on the communication strategy implementation ordered by Bankia for two of their music festivals: Gospel Festival & the Flamenco Festival which will be taking place soon in Madrid.

Base está trabajando en el desarrollo de la línea gráfica y los materiales de comunicación encargados por Bankia para dos de sus festivales musicales: Festival Gospel y Festival de Flamenco que se celebrarán próximamente en Madrid.

Ana’s Brazil: PARTE

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Opening tomorrow (November 17th) in São Paulo, the first edition of PARTE – Contemporary Art Fair that will bring together 22 renowned art galleries featuring works by over 300 contemporary artists, mostly Brazilian. Besides the work of established artists, the majority of the exhibited pieces are works of young, up-and-coming

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11-11-11 Klimt Anniversary

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Today is the 150 Klimt Anniversary.

Feminine, Women’secret new fragrance

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We are excited to launch the new perfume of Women’secret. For the perfume bottle we have worked with renowned product designer Martín Azúa. The campaign was shot by photographer Enric Galcerán. Stay tuned for a few short movies we have made to promote the fragrance.


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Proef Restaurant – Food Design

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L’Arco Baleno : Geoff’s Top 12 Items!

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A Quiff, A Temperamental Thing

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 2

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Moving Images

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Is Your Business Using A CRM?…You Might Want To.

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Michelangelo Antonioni : le maître du cinéma contemporain !

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Base NYC Visits The Jack Shainman Gallery for Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge: Black Males