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Idée, Image, Musique et Transformation — Interview de Justice, Part 1

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©Paul Heartfield

This interview is in French, English version here.

Arno Baudin, Base’s Design Director in New York, had the opportunity of interviewing the French musicians Justice this past summer. They were just finishing off the tour for their newly released second album. See part one of the interview below.

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Newtopia: last weeks

On December 10th, Human Rights Day, will end Newtopia: the State of Human Rights in Mechelen. For more than four months this huge exhibition is investing several cultural institutions and public spaces in Mechelen showing artists responses to human rights issues throughout the world … more

El Museo Reina Sofía & Base

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English summary: The city of Madrid is full of art, and the evidence is the great number of important museums running in the city. One of these is the Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía (MNCARS), with whom Base Design is being collaborating since 2009. We are very proud of it, and we encourage everybody to visit it!
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Base NYC is looking for a Design Intern!

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Our 5 Minute Posters featured on Fast Co. Design

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We are happy that Fast Co. Design has written an article on our Five Minute Poster series. Take a look at the article here.

Forward or Believe?

English Summary: Do graphic designers have a sound opinion about a brand’s strategy? And what if we are talking about the two most visible brands of 2012: Obama and Romney? Whether you like it or not, campaign visuals are becoming increasingly important for politicians to win over the public. Interestingly, political brands are often appropriated, transformed and tweaked in every possible way, by fans and opponents. What do designers think about this? … more

Fleur du Mal, an Invite to Suit

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Previously on BaseNow, we offered a preview of the identity we developed for the start-up luxury brand, Fleur du Mal. Today, we are excited to share a portion of the work completed for the official launch next week. For the brand’s unveiling, Fleur du Mal has planned a series of evenings for top editors, influential online journalists, and fashion industry insiders. In recognition of the distinctive nature of these evenings, we in turn decided to design unique invitations for each occasion. … more

The human Beehive and how to reclaim what is rightly ours

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English summary: November the 8th marks the “World Urbanism Day”, founded by the Argentinean Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera in 1949 as a manner to get people and governments interested in the fact that our cities need thinking, thinking leads to planning, and planning could lead to harmony in our ever growing cities. … more

Electoral propaganda in Chile: huge missed opportunity

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English summary: Last Sunday municipal elections were held throughout Chile.
The country was invaded by the graphic junk of various candidates in race. We draw upon this editorial to criticize the form and substance of these campaigns and to express our desire for change. We are convinced that this is a great opportunity for design and communication that must be seized as soon as possible. … more

The cocktail world by Castañer

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The Castañer catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign -designed by Base- comes with a surprise: an insert with tips and insights from the world of cocktails, such as the recipe of a Cosmopolitan inspired by the personality of the brand and a list of selected cocktail bars around the world, just to mention a few. … more


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Proef Restaurant – Food Design

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L’Arco Baleno : Geoff’s Top 12 Items!

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A Quiff, A Temperamental Thing

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I Like To Find The Humour In Things

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 2

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 1

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Moving Images

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Is Your Business Using A CRM?…You Might Want To.

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Michelangelo Antonioni : le maître du cinéma contemporain !

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Base NYC Visits The Jack Shainman Gallery for Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge: Black Males