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Electoral propaganda in Chile: huge missed opportunity

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English summary: Last Sunday municipal elections were held throughout Chile.
The country was invaded by the graphic junk of various candidates in race. We draw upon this editorial to criticize the form and substance of these campaigns and to express our desire for change. We are convinced that this is a great opportunity for design and communication that must be seized as soon as possible. … more

The cocktail world by Castañer

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The Castañer catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign -designed by Base- comes with a surprise: an insert with tips and insights from the world of cocktails, such as the recipe of a Cosmopolitan inspired by the personality of the brand and a list of selected cocktail bars around the world, just to mention a few. … more

Base After-Hours: Martin & Building

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About: a portrait series about Base people’s side-projects, hobbies or crazy obsessions.
This month: Martin Bravo

… more

Base Santiago a Mil

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January 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the biggest cultural event in Chile. Santiago a Mil Festival is the most significant performing arts event in the country.
It takes place every January since 1994 with a huge presence in theatres, streets and open spaces. It´s programming includes national and international theatre, dance and music, with an emphasis on contemporary aesthetics and new languages. … more

Allegories of a childhood dream

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“Nobody really knows how big the universe is. The part that we can see probably extends somewhere between, say, 12 and 16 billion light years. But that’s a deceptive answer and a deceptive concept because the farther away in distance you look, you’re also looking back in time. So even though we look out from the earth, and the universe around us looks like it gets bigger and bigger, we’re actually seeing it longer ago, when it was smaller. So it’s kind of paradoxical. The bigger the universe looks to you, the smaller it actually was.” TJ Thompson, member of NASA’s Search fo Extraterrestrial Intelligence team, USA

How many of us didn’t daydream – or maybe still do – of intergalactic travels and electric sheep, of black holes and ET life? A cursory glance at the photographs of Vincent Fournier’s Space Project brings back all those childhood reveries. The images reflect Fournier’s obsession with time warps, sci-fi utopias, poetic frictions, high-tech buddhism and bizarre scapes of ‘magnificent desolation’, as cosmonaut Buzz Aldrin would say.

… more

More videoart, please

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English summary: Videoart is more present than ever. The next date with this discipline is Video Selecta, an exhibition that will contain the best videoart pieces providing of the 10 editions of the Screen/Loop festival. … more

5 minute chat with master Karel Martens

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A monoprint by Karel Martens from the Stedelijk Museum’s archive cards.

Michela Povoleri, aka. Povo, is one of our graphic design interns at Base NY. She is Italian (from Vicenza) and she is super obsessed with Dutch design.

I met Karel Martens three times in the last three weeks and this is not normal if you are not studying in one the schools at which he teaches. I didn’t meet him in Amsterdam or in Arhnem but outside of Europe: in New York City!

… more

A new visual identity for Brussels’ most famous cookie company

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If there is one thing Belgian grandparents surely remember from their younger years, it must be the crunchy, dark brown artisanal speculoos made by Dandoy. Founded in 1829, this traditional Brussels bakery can pride itself with a rich heritage of savoir-faire and artisanal craftsmanship. It is still run by the friendly Dandoy family, who has always strived to keep their handcrafted cookies’ taste the same as 180 years ago: rich in flavour, sweet in scent and full with character. … more

Preview: A new visual identity for Brussels’ most famous biscuit bakery

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Base After-Hours: Ivo and people

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About: a portrait series about Base people’s side-projects, hobbies or crazy obsessions.
This month: Ivo Waldburger

Base: What’s your job at Base?
Ivo Waldburger: I’m the Creative Director and Managing Director at Base Spain.

B: What do you like to do after work or what inspires you?
IW: Walk home, be in the city, look at my surroundings, discover, zoom out…

B: Tell us about your current obsession.
IW: People have always been my obsession.

B: Why this obsession? How do you think does it feed to your work?
IW: I want to understand more, learn more, know more about people, their habits, desires, fears, obsessions, etc. Design and communication is about being the medium between sender and receiver. A designer needs to understand and make things understood. Like a messenger, if there is nothing to deliver, he/she will arrive empty handed. Just listen and watch. There is all you can ask for in gestures, habits, looks and behaviors…

B: Any anecdotes in this attempt to learn about people?
IW: There is this nice very old lady that appears in all openings I ever went to over the last years in Barcelona. She never talks to anybody and, I believe, she comes mainly for the free drinks. I would miss her if she didn’t came one day but I have no idea who she is, I never spoke to her, and I probably never will, although I can’t say I wouldn’t love it, but one has to measure the disruption and intervention can cause, some things better stay as they are, it might be the poetry of that specific moment.

B: Your idea of work-happiness?
IW: Initiative, intense collaboration amongst totally different minds with client and team mix-up. Collective ownership on ideas and its physicality/appearance….

B: If you were the studio dj, which song do you think would represent our studio?
IW: Jaja, any song played more than once a week is disqualified.


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L’Arco Baleno : Geoff’s Top 12 Items!

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I Like To Find The Humour In Things

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We’ve Got a Fixin’ for Fixies! Part 2

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Moving Images

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Is Your Business Using A CRM?…You Might Want To.

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Michelangelo Antonioni : le maître du cinéma contemporain !

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Base NYC Visits The Jack Shainman Gallery for Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge: Black Males

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Hey ! #14 : Modern Art and Pop Culture !