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Chances Are Someone Will Do Better

Editorial  | 02/28/14 | 

Happy 5th anniversary, Typographicposters.com!
The question when it all started should therefore be settled, but what about the how and why? We spoke with André Felipe, initiator and executor of the online-based collection platform.
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Studio Federal x Base Grow Potential

Editorial  | 01/30/14 | 

Ever since the opening of his studio, FEDERAL, in 2004, the photographer Regis Golay has worked along side various clients, ranging from the entertainment industry to the world of luxurious goods. Appreciating his client’s wide field of activity and the challenges that come with it, Regis has always been keen and thus concentrated on projects related to the cultural field. Today, his list of clients is extensive, featuring representatives of the entertainment business to publishing houses and museums, to name but a few.
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Brands are like people

Editorial  | 01/6/14 | 

Base lead creative Thierry Brunfaut recently spoke at the Business of Design Week Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most prestigious design events where he presented Base’s latest views on branding. … more

Design Director Arno Baudin Top Twelve from Miami Art Basel 2013

Editorial  | 12/18/13 | 

Oscar Muñoz

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Partner Dimitri Jeurissen’s Top Ten Picks from Miami Art Basel 2013

Editorial  | 12/10/13 | 

What a zoo! What a scene!
Four or five different fairs, impressive private collections opening their doors , multi-million dollar museums throwing parties,  big exhibition openings , performances in glamorous hotels, car exhibitions in parking lots, concerts in clubs , film projections , Playboy bunnies , Kanye , Pharrell, Rem, Klaus, Chris, Hans-Ulrich, Casey, Tracy, etc…

Three days in Miami is really exhausting! Luckily there is the beach to relax sometimes or have a quiet book launch!

1. As mentioned on twitter my favorite piece is Saadane Afif's collaboration with "Bic" and the "Galeries Lafayette"… where he produced the famous 4 color pen … but all in black … called "Noir C'est Noir."

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A Line Is A Dot That Went For A Walk

Editorial  | 12/6/13 | 

Matthias Hvass Borello recently visited our studio in Geneva and we were curious ; after all, it is not every day that Danish art critic, editor and co-founder of kunsten.nu pays us a visit.
Matthias talked to us about his projects development, why criticism is important and his vision of engagement between the wider public and contemporary art.
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The Fight for the Taxi of Tomorrow

Editorial  | 11/21/13 | 

Base recently interviewed Paul Herzan, Chairman Emeritus of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, whose recent quest to equip NYC with a better taxi has run into serious opposition. To learn more about the heated debates surrounding “Taxi of Tomorrow“, read our interview below!

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Meet Jean-Charles Gordon, Founder of “Ocean Flag”

Editorial  | 11/19/13 | 

“Ocean Flag”: The ocean needs a voice, but it also needs a face! Meeting with Jean-Charles Gordon, Founder of Ocean Flag.

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“DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND” – Interview with Hell’O Monsters, Belgian collective

Editorial  | 11/12/13 | 

Base recently interviewed the Belgian collective Hell’O Monsters!

English summary: After growing to become an important player in the Brussels art scene, six-hands Belgian collective Hell’O Monsters is about to conquer the rest of the world. Using monsters as a way to engage viewers in their complex universe drawn from a mix of recurring themes and inspirations, their means of expression are expanding from the original paper surface to wall paintings, installations and collaborations with fashion labels. Don’t miss their forthcoming exhibition, running in Brussels’ Alice Galerie from the 14th of November 2013 to the 20th of December 2013.

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Fight For Your Right (To Party) —Interview with Beastie Boys’ MC, Mike D

Editorial  | 10/17/13 | 

Adam "MCA" Yauch, Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz

Arno Baudin, Base’s Design Director in New York, had the opportunity of interviewing Mike D on Beastie Boys’ relationship with visual language and videos.
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