Techno, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Metal, Music Lovers won’t miss the 25th edition of Dour Festival. According to Last.FM, this is the best festival in the world in terms of discovering new talent. With 8 scenes, 230 eclectics bands, 40 000 Festival goers each day from all different countries, you can not get bored from 18th until 21th of July ! Claire Montiel-Font, press-attached at Dour festival, answers to our questions before the D-Day :

How is the preparation for this 25th edition?

We are super excited to celebrate the 25th edition of Dour Festival. Twelve days left now and camping will be open. Even if we have a lots of work, everything gonna be alright, we have a great team here !

What makes Dour Festival different from other festivals ?

Firstly, we are a very strong team. We try to do our best, thinking things over, listening each other even this does not prevent us to have some arguments sometimes.

Secondly, Alexandre Stevens, Music programmer and Communication Manager of Dour Festival since 2005 has a important role. Indeed, he tries to involve the festival in a creative way. For this, he analyses the ambience of each scenes to put the right band at the right moment.

Thirdly, our strong identity was built from an historical context. In 1989, Carlo Di Antonio, stand up for slag heap in Wallonia which supposed to be sold. He created a concert with 6 bands to support and give a new identity to the city.

Will we have any surprises for the 25th edition ?

For the 20th anniversary, we have decided to throw a party on the first day for the campers in the Last Arena. To point out the 25th edition, we would like to do something unexpected but we can’t unveil what’s gonna really happen…

What changes should we expect from the festival?

2012 was hyper intense but we tried to rework on the space management . That is why we have reappointed a new band stage, the Boom Box ! A scene consecrated to Hip Hop, Dub, Trip Pop and Electro-swing. For this occasion, IAM, Wax Tailor, The MC Youssoupha, the duo Tha Trickaz and the American rapper, Ariyan Arslani alias Action Bronson will baptize the scene.

As we are largely influenced by UK music, we have also decided to create a special space for Reggae and Dub music : The Dub Corner ! This space will open its door between 2pm until 8pm with the main sound system, BlackBoard Jungle.

In addition, Vincent Sougnez will present «I was there » , a photo exhibition with Dour festival Edition since 1989. You can find it from Thursday to Friday, from 2 p.m. till 8 p.m., near the Boom Box.

Which artists can not be missed ?

With ‘Ocean’, their last album, The Smashing Pumpkins comes to play at Dour festival for the first time. They played in Paris last week and it was a real success compared to the 2007 Tour.

Another big headline, the legendary Hip Hop band, Wu Tang Clan, who were absent since 2008, come with a new album ‘Family Reunion‘.

For my own part, I would love to see the Australian Electronic band, Flume who comes with special light. We have also a lots of interesting Hip Hop bands like Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson who will present their last album, ‘Dice Game‘. Resident since 10 years, the eclectic mix of LeFtO can’t be missed on Saturday night.

Furthermore, I would not miss the instrumental style of Pelican, a post-metal quartet from Chicago. On Sunday, we have a lots of Belgian and French bands to discover during the National Belgium Party ! We will have a lots of fun !

We hope to have a good weather this year.. Is it a real problem for your organization ?

We try to do our best .. Last year was the worst year ever but we are not scared. Even if the weather won’t be with us, we know festival-goers will be still here having a good time all together to celebrate the 25th Edition.

What advices can you give to somebody who wants to create a festival?

It is not my main role here but, in my point of view, we can be easily tempted to follow the festival trends, making the crazies things. But, the most important advice is to follow a straight artistic and coherent line.

Do you already have any ideas for the 26th edition ?

Yes, of course ! With Alexandre Stevens, we already have some good ideas but we prefer to talk about that after the festival..

25th Dour Festival – 18 19 20 21 July 2013 – Teaser from SAUVAGE SAUVAGE on Vimeo.

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