There is an app for everything nowadays. From discovering the closest thai restaurants, gyms, or churches in your area to investigating the most complex medical dictionaries. But despite this vast array, there was still one app missing… until Klooff came along. If you are one of the 164 million pet owners around the US, this might interest you. Selected as one of “TIME Inc.’s Top 10 NYC Startups to Watch 2013″,  Kloof is a new social media network dedicated to our adorable, four-footed friends.

The free app is simply designed and easy to navigate. Some of Klooff’s fun features include the ability to create pet profiles (breed, gender, and age), upload pet pictures, and interact with other pet lovers through check-ins. You can share content with your Facebook and Twitter friends, as well as upload Instagram photos. You can also earn points and badges with the app which are earned via votes. By interacting with other philotherians and gaining points, you can reach the most eligible stage of “Pet Addict”. And if you’re completely animal-obsessed (which we assume is the case if you have the app), you can even turn a photo of your pet into a phone case!

Creator of Klooff, Alejandro Russo, told us, “The first goal of Klooff was to create a cool version of Facebook for pets” putting emphasis on the interactive part of the experience. In the near future, Klooff plans to take over Android devices and better integrate with other apps such as Instagram. Currently, Klooff’s website is under construction with the aim of creating a strong network between all animal lovers- pet owners or not.

Who said pets can’t have their 15 minutes of fame? Make yours America’s favorite – your dog might just start saying “Klooff!” instead of “Woof!” So what do you think- could Kloof could become a kind of “Animal Network” for mobile devices? We wish the best of luck to Alejandro and his team!

Dowload Klooff App here !