New York-based artist Orly Genger presents a new installation in Madison Square Park Conservancy’s Mad. Sq. Art for Spring and Summer 2013. Entitled Red, Yellow, and Blue, the artist’s gigantic commission uses complex hand-knotted nautical rope covered in paint to turn the park’s lawns into colorful, interactive, undulating walls.

The public sculpture is Genger’s largest and most labor-intensive work yet, made of 1.4 million feet of the hand-crocheted lobster-fisher rope (the total length equating to nearly 20 times the length of Manhattan). Covered in over 3,500 gallons of paint, and weighing over an incredible 100,000 pounds, Red, Yellow, and Blue brings elements of the sea into the city. In a minimalistic fashion, Genger assumes the traditionally “feminine” task of knitting and constructs a monumental and “masculine” creation that is intensely engaging.

In three separate structures, the installation transforms the park’s landscape, creating an environment that is interactive for visitors and allows them to explore the park in a new way. The work debuted at an inauguration ceremony on May 1st led by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who said that the structure “encourages us to see the park in a new light and will make us think – exactly what contemporary art is supposed to do.” The installation turns the park’s public space into an experience not to be missed.

The Guardian