The Base NY team went on a journey last Friday to visit a Base friend, and artist, Randy Moore. Randy invited the team to his studio as a thank you to Base for their ‘chewy’ contributions toward his artwork.
For more on that, click here.
To add to the adventure, the trip was kept a secret from most of the team until Randy opened the door to his studio to invite everyone in.
The adventure started at the Base NY studio, and included a ride on the J train, a walk through the financial district, a Water Taxi ride across the East River…

Jake Post was leading the way on the adventure, and was pretty successful at keeping the secret.

The view of the East River is always an event by itself!

We walked across the IKEA parking lot, before arriving at Randy’s studio in Red Hook. Until the very end, most of the team thought Ikea was our final destination.

Once we arrived, Randy offered us beer to sip on and pizza to nibble on while he shared the history, process and implication of his work.

Base members listening to Randy’s work.

Most of Randy’s work uses chewing gum.

And the results are pretty amazing.

It’s seems unbelievable that all these things are made using only chewing gum, but it’s true!

Arno Baudin, Min Lew, Jake Post enjoying a moment at Randy’s studio.

To finish the trip, the Base team went up to Randy’s roof to enjoy the late afternoon sun as it set over Manhattan.
A special thanks to Randy for a wonderful day and excuse for an adventure!