On day three, Geoff got a bit of a breather from the high stress obligations of the prior two days of interviewing and auditorium speeches. Today rather, he was invited to talk to students at two top design schools in Moscow: The Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts & Industry and the British Higher School of Design & Arts.

The historically significant Stroganov school was founded in 1825 by Baron Sergey Stroganov. It specialised on the applied and decorative arts.

Though state-owned, the Stroganov school is still considered one of the top schools for art & design in Moscow.

The beautiful reception area just upon entering.

In addition to graphic design, the school also teaches fine arts (painting, sculpting, etc) as well as restoration. Many of their students go on to restoring very significant paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.

On the way to the talk, Geoff encountered two students trying to lift what appeared to be some of their larger works. “They would have been better off using a stretcher,” Geoff said.

On the walls were some interesting works from students past who have now acquired a certain renown.

Here, Geoff with his trusted sidekick, Anatoly, translating…

… to a very enthusiastic class!

From there, we moved onto the British Higher School of Design & Arts. As usual, though we only had to go about 5 miles, it took over an hour. Suffice it to say that traffic in Moscow is always challenging to say the least.

The gate to access the school looks to be something of a cross between the Cannes Film Festival and a border checkpoint.

From there, we wound around to the back building…

…and finally to the rather hidden entrance.

Once inside however, the vibe changes dramatically, with the feeling that, well, one is entering a British design school.

The student café. Nice wall slogans.

Never a question as to what’s where inside the school…

Here again, Geoff had the chance to speak to some very talented and informed students and, despite an episode of extended feedback that would have made Kurt Cobain envious, the talk provided for a good exchange between lecturer and students alike.