Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell are the founders of Hipgnosis. They revolutionized the image of the music industry in the 70′s. Storm Thorgerson worked for Pink Floyds, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, Genesis, 10cc, Muse, Robert Plant, Paul Young and many others…
He saddly died yesterday.
Here is an anecdote about The Dark Side of the Moon album cover, taken from is website:
“Pink Floyd in their infinite wisdom perused our 7 complex detailed roughs for this cover in a drab basement room at Abbey Road – submissions over which we at Hipgnosis had toiled for weeks – but managed to decide within 3 minutes which one they liked. No amount of cajoling would get them to consider any other contender, nor endure further explanation of the prism, or how exactly it might look. That’s it, they said in unison, we got to get back to real work, and returned forthwith to the studio upstairs. Appropriateness was the key. The refracting glass prism referred to Floyd light shows – consummate use of light in the concert setting. Its outline is triangular and triangles are symbols of ambition, and are redolent of pyramids, both cosmic and mad in equal measure, all these ideas touching on themes in the lyrics. The joining of the spectrum extending round the back cover and across the gatefold inside was seamless like the seguing tracks on the album, whilst the opening heartbeat was represented by a repeating blip in one of the colours. But to look back now and reflect upon how the actual artwork itself had no colour, being just a tint lay, and how the spectrum was missing a colour anyway, and how the whole design was only cobbled from a standard physics textbook diagram (albeit cunningly), and how there was another album called DSOM only a year previously, all of this just goes to show how such matters pale if a design feels ‘appropriate’. How fitting it is to be fitting!”