On Tuesday, April 16th, Base partner Geoff Cook was interviewed by the English station RT 24 Hour News about Base, branding today, and the various speeches Geoff would give this week in Moscow.

His first speech, at Design-Reklama (translation: “Design & Advertising”) will be Wed, April 17th at 2:30 pm. On Thursday, Geoff will speak at two of the top creative schools in Russia, The British School of Art & Design and the Stroganov University of Art & Industry, and on Friday to the museum directors of Moscow. The grand finale of his trip will come in the form of a dual speech with Base’s Head of Digital, Martin Bravo on the intersection of brand x technology. The talk, sponsored by Digital October can be listened to by accessing their site. Below is a recap of Geoff’s interview today.

Russia Today News, aka RT 24 Hour News. Moscow headquarters.

They seem to have as many trucks at NBC…

… and even mini-vans!

Partner Geoff Cook, upon arrival.

His fearless assistant for the day, Katya.

Marina from RT News who helped the interview to flow smoothly.

Geoff arrived a bit in advance so it afforded him the time to have a tour of the entire TV station. Russia Today broadcasts in Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish.

Then it was time to get things rolling. All entrants into hair & make-up were asked to leave “outwear” at the door.

Geoff was confused until it was explained that RT meant “outerwear.” Fortunately spring has arrived to Moscow and there were no coats or jackets anywhere on the premises.

The team was able to get a preview of the English station programming while in hair & make-up.

Olesya did wonders on Geoff’s face, which due to the 8-hour time difference had “jet lag” written all over it.

Transformation!!! Or wax museum sculpture of Geoff? You be the judge.

Showtime! Geoff here with host Anna.

It was apparent Anna had done her homework on Base and all things brand. She engaged Geoff for 20 minutes straight. Neither came up for air.

And then in the blink of an eye it was over.

Thanks to Russia Today for a great interview! And to the Peter Eckstrom and his team at the US Embassy in Russia for arranging it!