This past holiday season, Velem and Best Made Company collaborated to create an axe for Velem’s clients as an end-of-the-year gift. The collaboration exemplifies our shared inspiration, artistry, and love for what we create.

Best Made for Velem with LQQK by Baseon Vimeo.

Velem is a boutique retouching studio specializing in fashion and beauty photography in New York and Los Angeles. It is a Milk Group company, whom Base has worked with for over 10 years. Best Made Company creates expertly crafted tools and products for city dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. The company operates in NYC but focuses on the outdoors and the products that get people outside and make them use their hands.

Base’s creative solution was to print ‘wood on wood’, emphasizing the artisanal approach used in the work of Velem and BMC. The idea was a visual play between true and false. The concept of ‘wood on wood’ is the materialization of the idea of retouched photographs. The project’s screenprinting was executed by LQQK, a Brooklyn based printmaking studio.
By the way, this axe was designed to be used: whether that means chopping wood in the wilderness or hanging untouched on your wall as a window into that wilderness.