Founded in 2011 in Brooklyn, Bondsy is an exciting new startup looking to make transactions between friends a bit easier. More specifically, Bondsy is a mobile app for selling, donating, or trading goods with friends and friends of friends.

The thing that inspired its founder, Diego Zambrano, is a common problem: accumulating stuff is easy. People have all kinds of things they don’t need, but choose to leave it alone until it is time to move. And in New York, everyone has to move. Many times. Only then do you realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, and you ask yourself what to do with all of it. This revelation leads to a weird ethical debate between convenience and guilt. While it is wasteful to throw away, it’s exhausting to try and sell, especially to a total stranger. Most of the time we don’t even really want money for the items, we just want to avoid being wasteful consumers.

Bondsy solves this dilemma by allowing you to sell, give, or trade those things with friends, and friends of friends, across all of your social networks, making sure there are no more than two degrees of separation between you and the person you’re dealing with. Only people connected to you can see your things.

You can, for example, use Bondsy to give a friend a book you’ve already read. Or trade a bag you no longer use. Or sell tickets to a concert you can no longer attend. Posting takes as little as 10 seconds; you snap pictures of your things, price them as you want – $20, a hug, lunch, shoes, or just a favor – and broadcast them directly from the app. You can also create a beautiful webpage to share beyond the app.

Bondsy can be considered as a safer version of Craigslist since only the people connected to you can see what you’re selling. It also doesn’t require a cash-only exchange, meaning you could ask your friends to help you move in exchange for a dinner and beer afterwards. Of course, asking for some cash in exchange for your unneeded things is entirely welcome as well. Trading is also encouraged.

The payment element is Bondsy’s crucial differentiator. Bondsy won’t process any payments or deal with money because they don’t care if users earn a profit. Their mission is to make the process of getting rid of things simple. People are moving away from money and towards other rewards, like buying your friend dinner. This creates a trusted space for people to sell their stuff and that not only facilitates the sharing of goods, but can also build relationships.