2012 may very well be the year of fancy scrolling websites. By fancy scrolling we mean that when you scroll down on a site, it does not move the content vertically as you would normally expect. Instead, it does something crazy and unexpected. It can go from simple things like scrolling sideways or using a paralax effect, to doing flips, animating a movie sequence or constructing/deconstructing objects, all the way to running a complete puppet show as you scroll.

We saw hundreds of them over the last year. There was even a fancy scrolling website created for a police department! And while we thing it’s pretty cool that the Milwaukee Police Department has such a cool site, it might be a sign that the trend has gone too far.

The effect is really cool and it can really create a compelling experience when it’s used in the right way. But, as it happened with Avant Garde back in the day, it might be time to wait a couple of years before using it again, and come up with a new one. What will be the next big thing, then? We’re open to suggestions.

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