AGC, the leading glass distributor and manufacturer in Europe, recently launched Glastetik, a specific brand related to a network of selected qualified glass processors and installers. The ‘Glastetik Glass Collection’ introduces the finest collection of AGC Glass Europe interior glass. To successfully launch Glastetik, AGC, on one hand, wants to increase the demand by pushing its products through Point-of-Sale and media-placements.

On the other hand, AGC keeps responding to the specific needs of (interior-) architects and designers.

AGC’s communication capital gain lays in the high-end consumer-market, where new offers are still to develop. Glastetik was born to show the unlimited possibilities of glass design in our world and to meet new demands.

Glass is an active part of interior design. Advances in manufacturing technology and processes have made glass a much stronger, more beautiful and more versatile material, with infinite varieties, colours and types to enhance all applications. Today’s decorative glass can project softness, warmth, but also pure lines, sharp curves and cuts, accurate shape and smooth feeling, calling to an outstanding range of hues.

The Glastetik Glass Collection range of product goes from interior decoration, styling, to exterior glass ranges, which create surprising effects and benefits in interior applications.

Given the three lines comprised by the Glastetik Glass Collection, Design, Trend and Classic, starting from scratch, Base Design built an entire new identity around the new sub-brand. Among the global design working process, Base Design designed a new logo.

While AGC’s logo was static and classical, the one for Glastetik is showing the open-minded move taken by AGC, especially by going on 3D design, colourful and dynamic. This “going on uncharted fields” was definitely the aim to reach as to communication supports. Plus, the design boundaries related to AGC were pushed back and revealed glass industry under a new point of view. Glastetik became a true “partner”, passionate with design and glass.

A name, Glastetik and a baseline “Do more with glass” came out to tell the unbelievable possibilities by working with glass. The identity of Glastetik was shaped around the idea that being a designer or an architect is a permanent challenge. You must constantly be inspired or visionary in order to create well-balanced indoor spaces, meeting with new kind of the demand.

Base Design established this motto by stretching the logo. Glastetik embodies this idea of link giving consistency towards a modern harmony: pragmatism, aesthetics and sustainability.

What Base Design wanted to impulse within all the identity tools of Glastetik was this clearness, this sharp passion, this exciting stillness at the same time:

First edition of Glastetik Glass Collection