Base celebrates the launch of, a unique digital portal that makes France—and Gallic culture—available to anyone with a computer, anywhere.

Part of the Gallic DNA is the belief that culture should be available to all, and this is a driving force behind the new site. The goal was to create a site which shares the French culture with Americans, and reaches out not only to Francophiles, but to those that share a love for all-things cultural.
The French Cultural Services realized the best way to engage its American constituency was to communicate with a clear and consistent message through “sticky” multi-channel platforms. We were commissioned to create a site that would marry diplomacy to the digital world.
The principle challenge for us was that embassy defines ‘culture’ broadly, encompassing traditional culture, higher education, and the French language. In response, we created an identity that embodies all of these areas. The result is a pioneering example of cultural outreach in the digital age. It is also a demonstration of soft power.
The website develops the concept of France beyond trite touristic totems such as baguettes, berets, and the Eiffel Tower–while retaining a sense of joie de vivre.
Base developed a simple but sophisticated design coming from a “symbolic” palette derived from the colors of the French flag helps impose order.
The blue, white, and red logo is a simplified graphic gesture depicting La Marianne, the icon of the French state and its values, and now, the new face French culture in America., has a three-in-one functionality, addressing: French culture, higher education, and language. By grouping the three areas, the French government creates an “all roads lead home” effect for their cultural content.  Cross-cultural, and cross-country–from sea to shining sea–community building is encouraged by technology: the website works locally as well as nationally, as it is able to discern a user’s log-in location, and curate information as a function of geography. Informative, personalizable, and relevant, exploits the all-access aspects of technology to extend the welcoming hand of French culture to anyone with a connected device, anywhere.
Working together, Base and the French Cultural Services have brought diplomacy into a new age–with style.
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