1. Best exhibition: “Triple Eagle” by Harold Ancart @ Clearings, 505 Johnson Avenue (Brooklyn)

2. Best discovery: the work of Koenraad Dedobbeleer seen at the Micheline Szwajcer (Antwerp) and Clearings (Brooklyn)

3. Best conversation: Betty Tompkins studio visit, Princestreet (Manhattan) represented by Rodolphe Janssen (Brussels)

4. Best buy: a work from Tom Holmes @ Catherine Bastide (Brussels)

5. Best sculpture: The work of Justin Matherly seen at Frieze NYC and Bureau (NYC) now represented by Paula Cooper (NYC)

6. Best concert:  Fink @ the AB (Brussels) / Live Album: “Wheels turn beneath my feet”

7. Best flea market: Tangiers (Morocco) called the Casa Barata

8. Best graffiti message, NYC

9. Best hotel in NYC… for 99$ per night:  “The Jane Hotel

10. Best family visit: Sol Lewitt exhibition @ M in Leuven

11. Another best exhibition: the work of Latifa Echakhch @ Kamel Mennour (Paris)

12. Best fashion image: the image campaign for Céline, shot by Juergen Teller + Graffiti (unknown)

13. Best museum show: the Museum of everything in Paris

14. And another best exhibition: Lucie Stahl at Dépendance (Brussels)

15. Best collective exhibition: Still House in Miami. Visual: work by David Lynch

16. And to wrap up… best Movie: “Moonrise Kingdom”!

17. Best song: Bad For Lashes – “Laura”

And of course… best shop! Bozarshop!!! :)

See you all in 2013!!!