Over the weekend Base NY checked out BMW’s Born Electric tour next to Bryant Park. It showcased the company’s latest development of electronic cars set to launch in 2013. The exhibition took attendees through the technology step by step, from materials to phone apps that will assist drivers; the Born Electric tour envisions the future of transportation.

Along with the display of the two electric cars were other tech initiatives by local designers and studios. One of our favorites was the “Pulse” installation created by a studio in Brooklyn called Red Paper Heart. It involved placing your finger on a surface that could read your heartbeat, it then displayed its readings on a sculpture through the movement of light. The longer you kept your finger on the surface the more the sculpture reacted. From anxieties to calmness, the sculpture read and displayed your feelings for anyone to see, basically making you the artist. It showed the user emotions he or she may not even have been aware of and brought life to a sculpture that was, prior to human touch, motionless.

The Born Electric tour will continue on to other destinations worldwide. We encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go to check it out, it offers a unique experience and insight of what the future of technology and mobility has to bring.