Previously on BaseNow, we offered a preview of the identity we developed for the start-up luxury brand, Fleur du Mal. Today, we are excited to share a portion of the work completed for the official launch next week. For the brand’s unveiling, Fleur du Mal has planned a series of evenings for top editors, influential online journalists, and fashion industry insiders. In recognition of the distinctive nature of these evenings, we in turn decided to design unique invitations for each occasion.

The creative team focused on developing pieces that in each case evoked elegance, exclusivity and intimacy. For one evening, we developed an envelope that opens into a Victorian-inspired document, complete with calligraphy about the evening. For the private dinner, we played with classic references like the love note and the bouquet of flowers, creating an invitation that wrapped blood-red roses in a large format note containing the details of the event.

The evenings, to take place this week in an undisclosed downtown location, will feature the first US performance of Saint Michel and Parisian DJ Ines Melia. The private dinner will be presented by the Norwegian chef team, “The Flying Culinary Circus.” Trendland is scheduled to co-host.

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