Arno Baudin, Design Director at BaseNYC, stumbled upon this poster in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn a few weeks ago.

When he arrived at the studio the next day, he shared his discovery with the rest of the team and everybody was impressed by not only the design, but also by the subject and the power of this independent campaign.

We all tried to find out who or what was behind this initiative, but we were unable to find anything!

With a desire to know more about the project itself and to interview the founders, we are writing an article to express our interest in this initiative and to spread the word in hopes of finding the creators. If anyone knows anything about this campaign, please let us know!!!

What is “Rise-Racism still exists” about?

This initiative is designed to illuminate some of the ways in which racism still operates in United States. By raising the awareness of how racism is subjectively operating today, the community of those involved or effected can join forces in changing the way society operates.

This monthly campaign provides clear, concrete and factual examples (6 thus far) of how racism is still present today. Each and every poster features articles supporting their arguments, including research from ESRI Business Analysts.

This campaign is a simple and well-designed idea to trigger discussion. It is graphically powerful and very rock and roll. The different facts are located in targeted and effected neighborhoods with the use of small scale displays.

Street communication is a manner of aggressive communication that empowers the core of the message.  The idea of the posters is very clear and direct at the same time. Using a strong initial visual impact, viewers are directed to a website containing straight forward and interesting content. The content consists of the posters discussed issues supported by visual analysis.

This very contemporary poster campaign condenses the main idea of a powerful message into a sentence, giving it long reach. But to give context and depth to those looking for more information, the posters wisely include an article to support its message.