Contemporary artist and longtime friend of Base, Randy Moore put our jaws into action for his next series of work made from… chewing gum. Though gum has long been a longtime favorite materials, Randy’s work is well known for spanning media, as well as for exploring various subjects and distorting symbols. Starting from looking into language as first body of work, his practice has evolved to explore how culture affects the construction of an identity. Using the Playboy iconography his work can be qualified as provocative pop art embedded in a firm concept. Referring to periods of Moore’s own life his work encompasses how identity, in this case sexual identity, is built through Freud’s psycho-sexual stages of development.

For his new project Randy provided Base with a mountain of various brands of Wrigley’s gum, which he defines as a “very sexual, sensual medium.” The instructions were strict: Chew the gum for 30 seconds, shape it as a worm in your mouth, and deposit it in the custom, foam core box. Eager to contribute, we took our work as seriously as he takes his. Three weeks later, the gum is gone and the boxes are full.

To find more about his work contact Sprovieri Gallery, London.

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