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This NY story started with the must-have French toast and PJ Harvey’s album, “Let England Shake”. It was with their second track, “The last living Rose”, playing in the background and a lot of funky New Yorkers on the first row, that Victoria Bartlett presented her “VPL” Autumn Winter Collection last Saturday. The show was pretty inspiring!

Victoria’s collaboration with the Icelandic duo “Shoplifter“, aka Hrafnhildur Arnardottir & Etta Gusmundsdottir,  added a magic touch to the collection. Shoplifter performed the same day in a Chelsea gallery and created a half human, half lichen sculpture.

The day ended with Hannelore Knuts, Victoria’s muse and friend, and her imaginary friend created by Tom Friedman (at Luhring Augustine)! Good job Tom!