Some gravy of diamonds from PJ Harvey’s latest album Let England Shake

Chilly Gonzales (über alles!)
Go and see him wherever, whenever, you can. His piano talkshow is brilliant!

Here again über alles, with miss Feist

Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy, with a song that deserves a kingdom

Talking Heads with extra bass


Crystal Fighters

Matthew Herbert doing his silly walk

Battles, addictive slick swinging smurfs

Die Antwoord, South Africa’s best white trash

William Onyeabor and his Elkas

Hollis P. Monroe with the best a bit less happy house song ever (and the best intoxicated sleeve ever)

Nicolas Jaar’s trippy remix of queen Ellen Allien’s Flashy Flashy. For in your car.

And check out the VPRO Luisterpaal.
Many great releases available for listening from A till Z.