The sold-out 2008 world tour by pop renaissance man and ten-time Grammy-winner Kanye West has been translated to book form and will be released on October 22 by Rizzoli.

A collaboration between Kanye, Base, and Rizzoli, the 288-page Glow In The Dark is “narrated” by Kanye himself. Text pulled from an interview with director/producer and tour collaborator Spike Jonze provides personal, behind-the-scenes insight to illuminate the book’s 400 tour-spanning images, shot by Nabil Elderkin.


For the design, we fuse the visual language of Kanye’s touring show with high fashion. The book’s 9” x 13” format and full-bleed photography reflect the scale and ambition of Kanye’s Glow In The Dark tour as well as the persona of the man himself.

Having worked previously with Kanye on the art direction of the photography for his 808s & Heartbreak album, we designed the book chronologically and distinguished onstage content—presented on black pages—from offstage, on white pages. The centerpiece of Glow In The Dark is a series of images documenting what was possibly Kanye’s most spectacular show of the tour, at Madison Square Garden. We present these images in sequential order, leading readers through Kanye’s theatrical and highly visual performance extravaganza.


Glow In The Dark takes Kanye fans on a gorgeous photographic journey not only through the tour, but through the artist’s life too. Included are personal sketches and reference imagery, 3-D models of the stage, and costume designs. The book also comes with a CD that features four previously unreleased instrumentals from the show as well as the complete interview with Spike Jonze. A deluxe edition of the book ups the already luxurious format to an extravagant 12.5” x 16.5” and comes in a clamshell case.



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