Expo 2008, Thirst Pavilion exterior, by Cloud 9/Enric Ruiz-Geli

The last few years have seen a heightened “green” consciousness around the world, with climate change being perhaps the most-discussed environmental topic. Expo 2008 (the World’s Fair), takes as its theme the natural resource most affected by climate change. Water and Sustainable Development kicked off on June 14 in Zaragoza, a dry city in northern Spain that tends to experience drought in summer. Encompassing more than 60 acres along the Ebro River, the expo is true to its theme—all of its facilities are powered by renewable energy sources. The Expo’s most iconic structures are the Bridge Pavilion, designed by Zaha Hadid, and the transparent, 80-meter-high Water Tower, a building designed by Enrique de Teresa to evoke a drop of water.

Exhibition view, room B

Thirst Pavilion, exhibition view, room B

The La Sed (Thirst) Pavilion, one of five thematic areas of the expo, was designed by architect Enric Ruiz Geli and his firm Cloud 9. The exhibition space was designed by industrial designer Martin Azúa, whom we’re working with on creating a perfume bottle for Spanish fashion label women’secret.

We designed the identity for the Thirst Pavilion, using a system of invisible roots and visible ramifications of thirst, and a series of illustrations depicting the natural world and man’s relationship with water.


Thirst Pavilion, exhibition view, room C

BaseMotion created the four audiovisual and one audio installations that make up the five rooms of the pavilion. Capitalizing on the exhibition’s ceilings and corrugated walls, the audiovisuals show how thirst can have unexpected and varied consequences. The pieces range from a doomed perspective to using the theme of thirst as a catalyst for progress.

Exhibition view, from room E

Screenshot of room E projection

Water and Sustainable Development is up until September 14. The three-month expo will feature daily shows by performers including Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Los Lobos, and Cirque de Soleil.

Stay tuned for a montage of BaseMotion’s audiovisuals for the Thirst Pavilion. In the meantime, click here to see more of their work.